Questionable Tinder matches

On my quest for eternal love I occasionally check my Tinder account – not that I believe that I will find prince charming here, but hey, can’t blame a fool for trying. A few months ago I was actually quite impressed by the number of cute boys appearing on my screen. But now it seems that the majority of boys are either playing for the other team or just not as pretty (read: plain right ugly).

My friends and I have a “secret” whatsapp group in which we share people’s pictures who are not be shared in public. Harsh right? I know, but so much fun! Dangerous also to leave my phone unattended cause my roommate was able to get me a match with a “cat person”. 5 profile pictures of cats named Mushi. Guess what, that ain’t no boyfriend material.

Anyways…the other day I had a match with a pretty boy. 18 years olds – which in itself is quite questionable already considering my age. But after talking to the guy for like five minutes he asked me how it was possible that we were a match because he preferred swiping boys instead of girls. “I like swiping boys too” was my swift reply. So I asked why, if he likes boys, he gave me the little green hart while playing the game.

Sweet little gay told me that my pictures were cute and they looked like I am living a fun life. So no true romance yet but a joyful confidence boost to keep looking cause I can only imagine there must be one prince charming who wants to live a fun life with me.


Not using my phone for something much more vital

It is no secret that I am addicted to my mobile phone. And although I have been trying to work on my addiction nothing has worked so far. But I think…I think I found the perfect rehab; the Unicef Tap Project. UNICEF-TAP-PROJECT-phone-2014

A special app developed by Unicef that runs in the background and measures when my phone goes idle. So you can still send me message – I just cannot respond to them. Because if my phone stays idle for 10 mintues donors like Giorgio Armani will give money to UNICEF. Not using my phone for even such a short amount of time equals one day of clean drink water for a child that normally doesn’t have access to this luxury.

Because where as I am thinking that I cannot live without my phone, over 768 million people are living without access to clean water. And I am well aware that this is a much more important resource than my iPhone. Water scarcity already affects nearly 40% of the world’s population and is predicted to become an even larger problem in the upcoming years.

So if I can only contribute a little by not using my phone I am more than happy to do so. And I really think so should you! Go to on your phone and join! The Tap Project App is working until the 31st of March. So let’s call each other on  the first of April…no joke!