Now playing…Kensington Vvltures – festival edition

Kensington is one of the most popular Dutch bands of this time and I have been listening to their first EP release of Vultures for quite some time now. However, for the festival season they released an even better EP; Vultures – the festival edition. Great songs that will get you in the summer-vibe and ready for the upcoming festivities.

Besides, basically all, Dutch summer festivals they also playing some major international ones such as SZIGET FESTIVAL in BUDAPEST. They are definitely worth seeing live on stage…and not only music wise, if you know what I mean. So check out their album, select your festival outfit and go see them!

Find out where they are playing exactly on their website:


PS. Kensington are the masters in covering hits as well. Watch the video of their version of the Armin Van Buuren hit This is what it feels like. Kenstington covers Armin van Buuren


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