Amsterdam – Summer and/or Fashion

Now that summer has officially started in Amsterdam and we can finally wear our sling-backs and maxi-dresses it is time to change wardrobes and start thinking about what we should wear this upcoming fall/winter. Or even better yet the spring/summer of 2014. Because while the majority of Dutch people are enjoying the sunshine (for as long as it will last) the small group of Dutch fashionistas is preparing themselves for Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW).

Fashion at AIR

All festivities started yesterday with the kick-off of Down Town, let’s say the “public” part of the AWF, called Fashion Weekend. During these two days AFW joins forces with local fashion entrepreneurs, hip hotels and restaurants and Amsterdam finest museums. The activities organised vary from workshops to pop-up runway shows and from exhibitions to fabulous fashion parties, of which the most renowned one hosted in Club Air.The goal of Fashion Weekend is to bring fashion from catwalk to sidewalk.

Although sidewalks often have proven to be as fashionable as catwalks (check out ELLE dispatch Street Chic or the “On the street” pictures of The Satorialist) it is always a pleasure to see the runway shows. After Milan and Paris it is now up to some of  Netherlands finest designers to show their designs to the world. 

A few of the upcoming highlights are predicted to be SIS by Spijkers & Spijkers, Claes Iversen, and DEFILÉ TONYCOHEN

Nieuw Jurk

However, I am more curious about the show of Nieuw Jurk by Fashion Lab Pro and of course the Lichting supported by G-STAR RAW. The Lichting brings together the best Dutch fashion academy graduates of one year in one central catwalk show. The show is an initiative of AFW, HTNK  and The New Institute in cooperation with G-Star RAW. The original idea of this event was to bring young designers and the fashion industry closer to each other. Today the “winner” of the Lichting receives several prices that promise a kick-start to his/her career in the business. Besides that the show has proven to be a true inspiration for young hipsters in Amsterdam. 

So it is nice to see that the city is not only enjoying summer, but also is being fashionable. The  Amsterdam Fashion Week is from 6 to 16th of July. You can check out more details on their website:



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