Welcome To The Future

wttfTo be honest it took me a while to buy a ticket, lucky enough two days before it sold out, but in the end I was very excited to go to Welcome to the Future (WTTF) last Saturday. The seventh edition of the festival, organized by ID&T , was hosted in Het Twiske near Amsterdam.

WTTF is a environmentally conscious festival rated 3 out of 4 stars by “A Greener Festival Award”. However, as heavy rain was predicted we decided to go by public transport instead of by bike (not so environmental friendly of course). Funny to know though; WTTF organises a special bike route all the way from Amsterdam Central station. Any problems half way? No worries, they even organise a pitstop that has repairman with a magic touch and a special ‘Pimp my Bike’ team. Next to that you can re-load at with a refreshing, biological beverage and snack!

A pity we had to miss this 11KM ride, as my bike can use some serious pimping, but the shuttle service from train station Sloterdijk took care of us arriving rain-free at the entrance of the festival. After the usual “ticket, backpack and empty your pockets” check we got our locker, dropped our stuff and got the party stared.wttf3 wttf2 wttf

The festival site, divided into seven areas and two “organic” food corners, was nicely decorated with colourful balloons and romantic hammocks. As part of their being green mentality the terrain was kept clean by a Green Team, a group of volunteers picking up trash. A nice idea, but they lost the battle against empty cups within one hour. Besides their team of volunteers WTTF tried to stimulate environmental friendly behaviour by offering the opportunity to collect 10 plastic cups and exchange them for a token for another drink. However, in my opinion, the greenest solution was the free tap water in reusable bottles. Because when the sun came out the heat was almost unbearable. Shirts came off and manly six-packs make girls thirsty.

Music wise I only had one DJ on my wish list; De Sluwe Vos (which would be translated into the sneaky fox). He played the smallest stage, the forest, but had the biggest party. As we were a team of seven we checked out most stages, but decided to stick at the forest and main stage as those where the outside stages. We did check out the Circus Tent for the set of The Man With No Shadow but stayed outside to enjoy the sun. By the time closing act Joris Voorn entered the main stage the field was filled with totally excited party people. The crowd went wild, and although his set wasn’t as bad-ass as usual, I really enjoyed his performance and dancing my favourite techno dance moves to it.

Unfortunately, half an hour before the festival would end the music stopped. We were lucky to have a sunny day with no rain, but around midnight some really bad weather including thunder storms was predicted. The organisation took no risk and decided to send everybody home before all hell would break loose. Wise decision in the end! We made it home save, sound and looking forward to the next edition of WTTF.

As we will have to wait a while for the after movie of 2013 check out the video of 2012 and some of my party pics below.

IMG_2903 IMG_2921 IMG_2905 IMG_2889



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