Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

With summer coming to an end it is time to start planning fall adventures. One of the biggest – not to miss- events in Amsterdam will definitely be Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). ADE is considered to be the leading electronic music platform in the world. 

During five days – 16 to 20 October – over 350 events are hosted in 75 clubs and venues in Amsterdam. World leading DJs, upcoming DJ talents and 200.000 electronic music lovers are coming to Amsterdam for the Festival, Playground, the ADE Conference, special sub events and the announcement of the DJ Mag 100. Buying your ADE card will give you access to exclusive exhibitions, showcases, film screenings, gear workshops and in-store events. So plenty of stuff to do! Difficult thing is which parties to attend and what DJ’s to see. The program seems endless and the number of DJ’s even more so. 

So far one thing is sure; I am going to see Nicky Romero and Friends during a special evening hosted by Protocol Recordings Label Night. Besides Nicky, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, John Dahlback, Don Diablo, Martin Carrix and Vicetone are playing a set. Furthermore, special guests are promised to make an appearance. And as basically all DJ’s are in town so it could be anyone showing up. 

Nicky has been on my wish-list for quite some time now, but he always plays these huge festivals and parties but now he is playing in the somewhat intimate Melkweg. An opportunity I won’t like to miss out on. Yes, I am even skipping my favourite De Sluwe Vos to go see this one. All in all it promises to be a great 5 days and I am pretty sure it won’t stay at just this one party…

If you are interested in tagging a long feel free, but make sure to get your tickets soon because  I am sure you are not the only one who wants to 😉 


My love for my iPhone

quote_phone-richard bransonIf you know me, even a just a little bit, you know that I am officially addicted to my mobile phone. My beloved Iphone and I hardly ever part; its practically attached to my left hand or within grabbing distance…yes, even when I take a shower!

But today two virals caught my eye. Firstly, it was sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group) who wisely quoted that I should not become a slave to technology and that I should manage my phone instead of letting it managing me. Sorry Richard, I am guessing that this is a little too late in my case. Nevertheless, it was the second viral that made me rethink my addiction. It was the below youtube video posted by Charlene deGuzman. The video shows what life without a mobile phone looks like nowadays. So take 2 minutes and 10 seconds to watch the video.

If the number of hits would count as evidence we can conclude that the “call” for a life without a mobile phone is getting bigger. The video of deGuzman has been viewed over 8 million times in 4 days. I must admit that I am as horrible as the friends in the video. But the message of the virals is clear; I will have to leave my mobile phone at home more often, or just not look at it every 10 seconds and enjoy my life with family and friends that a within grabbing distance. Challenge accepted!

You lose – You learn

Sometimes you have got to take a leap of faith, leave your comfort zone and sell your soul to the devil in order to get what you want. I have done all three things this week and I must say it is a somewhat confronting experience. My life turned from a marry-go-round into a brutal roller-coaster of emotions. A ride in which I am running into myself more than into anyone else.

I am in a situation that I did not ask for and that I cannot overcome without the faith of other people believing in me. And….yes…that sucks if you are usually the independent lady in control. Lucky enough I have the support of my family and friends who seem to love me unconditionally. Whereas loving myself is the hardest part of this battle. My self-esteem goes up & down and sometimes hits the inevitable “below zero” level. But on the other hand  it is a 110 as I am so convinced that I am capable of following my dreams, achieving my goals and come out a bigger person that I am kicking my low-self esteem ass back into gear.

Good things will come out of it…soon!!

And yes it is Friday and I am still in control and yes today I am on top of the world. So I am taking my positive vibe out and show the world (read: Amsterdam) that it will take a little bit more to get me out of the roller coaster ride…

dream it

Hedof – good times, bad times

Hedof poster_webHedof, if you have never heard the name then I suggest to remember it for the future. Because I am sure you will run into one of his great pieces of graphic art sooner than later. If you haven’t already done so without knowing it.

Rick Berkelmans, the artist behind Hedof, and not so coincidentally also my cousin, is one of my favourite artists because his works are bright of colour, full of subtle humour and always make you look at least twice before your realise what you are looking at.

This week Rick launched his new website So check out some of his work that he has done for, I must admit, amazing clients like Heineken, Red Bull, Sony Playstation, Lipton Tea, Red Cross and many more.

Oh and consider yourself lucky! He is throwing in free shipping across Europe this week to celebrate the launch of the new website. You’d better hurry to the webshop and get yourself a real Hedof while they are still affordable!

But before shopping check out this video of Rick talking about his work and find out how difficult the word enthusiasm is.

You can follow Rick on Facebook if you want to stay up to date on his booming career.

Letters to Juliet…

“‘What’ and ‘if’ two words as nonthreatening as words come. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life: ‘What if?’…”

This week I watched the movie Letters to Juliet. Yes! I know pretty cheesy, but I am secretly a geek for happy endings and I was in desperate need of one this week. And it is true the movie wasn’t really Oscar-worthy, but the above quote got me thinking.

Because apparently I am at this time in my life where the “what if’s” and the “buts” & “maybes” are part of my daily vocabulary more than I would like to admit. Clearly on the wrong side of my twenties! I am questioning my career, my non-existing love life – because let’s be honest the closest I come to romance is the fact that I have a third floor balcony like Juliet – some of my friendships and what direction my life should go in in general.

But, like in the movie, the questioning isn’t getting me anywhere. I have therefore decided to limit the “what ifs” and just give certain of my pending ones a go. See if things work out because like Friedrich Nietzsche once said (and Kanye so nicely repeated) “What doesn’t kill you only will make you stronger”. 

So my 18th of August resolution for the rest of the year is loose the “what ifs” and turn them in to “wtf’s I cant believe that I actually did that”…

Ill keep you posted on my mission 😉 happy Sunday!