You lose – You learn

Sometimes you have got to take a leap of faith, leave your comfort zone and sell your soul to the devil in order to get what you want. I have done all three things this week and I must say it is a somewhat confronting experience. My life turned from a marry-go-round into a brutal roller-coaster of emotions. A ride in which I am running into myself more than into anyone else.

I am in a situation that I did not ask for and that I cannot overcome without the faith of other people believing in me. And….yes…that sucks if you are usually the independent lady in control. Lucky enough I have the support of my family and friends who seem to love me unconditionally. Whereas loving myself is the hardest part of this battle. My self-esteem goes up & down and sometimes hits the inevitable “below zero” level. But on the other hand  it is a 110 as I am so convinced that I am capable of following my dreams, achieving my goals and come out a bigger person that I am kicking my low-self esteem ass back into gear.

Good things will come out of it…soon!!

And yes it is Friday and I am still in control and yes today I am on top of the world. So I am taking my positive vibe out and show the world (read: Amsterdam) that it will take a little bit more to get me out of the roller coaster ride…

dream it


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