Fuck im in my twenties

A very interesting and realistic book by Emma Koenig, based on the popular blog  fuckiminmy20s.tumblr.com. The book explains  the anxieties and breakdowns of our early 20s with illustrations, graphs, lists, and plenty of f-bombs. A must read if your are in your twenties. It will give you clear insights like the above self-explantory image. It will all … Continue reading Fuck im in my twenties


Chocolate Day

Today, September 13th, is International Chocolate Day. And although I consider every day to be a chocolate day I thought I would share my favourite recipe with you guys. The recipe includes tons of chocolate and some fruits to give a healthy twist. The cake is easy to make and will give you something to … Continue reading Chocolate Day


This week my friends Nina, Olivia and I went to  the Talents Sessions hosted by People’s Place Amsterdam and Sony Music. Talent Sessions, organised three times a year, is a night where musical talents and music lovers gather to meet each other and listen to the tunes of the talents. This time it was up … Continue reading Ashtraynutz

Everything hip is from Amsterdam

Pim de Koel, ambassador of the "Holland. The Original Cool" released a new promo video this week. He highlights the beauty of hip & happening Amsterdam. De Koel's adventures are brought to you by the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Convention, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Schiphol Airport, and Amsterdam Marketing. "Holland. The Original Cool" is a … Continue reading Everything hip is from Amsterdam