I wish I was a baller

(This blog is not taking into account the fact that I am actually a girl and the below mentioned points would have never applied to me…well the first argument maybe)


When I was little I wanted to play soccer. My mom told that it was a sport for boys and that I should stick with hockey. I really…really!!…regret not sticking with my gut feeling at the time. There is several reasons for this. Besides the fact that I am actually a good player…

First of all, the endless number of hot colleagues you would be able to hang out with. I name a Fernando Torres, Gerard Pique, Xabi Alonso, Yoann Gourcuff and of course David Beckham.

Second, the cool endorsement deals you can get with fashion brands like Nike (amongst others Messi), Mango (Pique) and H&M (David Beckham).

And third, the enormous amounts of money you can make. And with this argument I am of course referring to transfer of Gareth Bale confirmed today. A ridiculous compensation of 100million !!!! euros for transferring from the Spurs to Real Madrid. To give you an impression of the meaning of this sum of money check out this website: http://whatbaleearns.co.uk to see how much money this lad has been making since signing his transfer.

I am leaving the “how can Madrid afford this” discussions up to the soccer experts (read: boys) and I’ll just keep on dreaming what I would do with this amount of money. I am pretty sure mr. Bale will find a good purpose for his new-found wealth. Cause then again there is always life after football 😉


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