Ashtraynutz_City-Lights-at-Paradiso_Tomek-Whitfield_007This week my friends Nina, Olivia and I went to  the Talents Sessions hosted by People’s Place Amsterdam and Sony Music. Talent Sessions, organised three times a year, is a night where musical talents and music lovers gather to meet each other and listen to the tunes of the talents.

This time it was up to Rina Mushonga, Bart Zeilstra (formerly known as Baas B), My Baby, Eveline Vroonland and Ashtraynutz to proof their potential to the audience. They all had the opportunity to play 4 songs, 3 of their own and 1 cover.

Dutch-Zimbabwean artist Rina Mushonga got the honours to kick-off. She has a loud yet lovely voice and her music can be best described as indie, pop, rocky, folky. The second gig was for Eveline, compared to Rina and her band, she rocked the stage solo with her loop station. Very creative and very authentic and definitely great music for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Completely the opposite of the raw tunes from My Baby. The trio consisting of Cato van Dyck, Daniel da Freez and Joost van Dyck really rocked the stage and got the crowd wild for the first time that evening. After My Baby it was up to Bart Zijlstra, the only artist performing in Dutch. Bart used to be part of one of the leading (somewhat commercial) hip-hop duo Lange Frans & Baas B. But the boy is making a come-back and he is doing it well. His songs are catchy and cute. His first single “Als ik in je ogen kijk” (when I look into your eyes) got released on Thursday. The same day he got to present it to the rest of the Netherlands during DWDD – one of best viewed daily talk shows in the country.

So, so far so good and I really enjoyed all of the artists as they are really talented (yes they are there for a reason) But the last gig was for Ashtraynutz. A 6 men band full of good looking man and one lucky lady. As soon as they started playing I was sold. The voice of Joël Gaerthé is absolutely amazing! The music is bluesy, fuzzy and very soulful. An absolute enrichment of my Spotify play list and a definite must-add for you! Check them out below.


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