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brett at schipholIt has been a while since I blogged something for all kinds of reason, but mainly because I was busy with other things that got my attention. In general I get distractedly easily and even more so when it involves boys.

On the verge of turning 28 and still being single one of my friends thought it was a great idea to invite me to the Inner Circle. Described as a private international network where single professionals with similar backgrounds and interests meet. In other words another ordinary dating site, but somewhat cooler because you need to be invited and get accepted into this circle.

After a very “painful” 2 days – Yes I almost questioned myself if I would be hip enough – I got accepted and the fun could begin. And I mean fun because the scrolling through “hot” boy profiles became an evening filling activity for me and my friends. Profiles basically consist of 1. personal description – the worst to write about yourself 2. your favourite city – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Buenos Aires in my case 3. your favourite place in the city – unanswered 4. your next holiday destination – Rwanda, which is actually not even true because I am going there for work. Oh yes of course the pictures in which you look most favourable and Q&A about your background and body type. You can view peoples profiles and you get a message when yours is being viewed and by who. It a mordern way of “check if he is looking and if you see he is watching pretend you are not”.

r-TINDER-large570The same friend who invited me to the Inner Circle introduced me to Tindera fun way to break the ice – right… The app merely consists of just swiping people pictures into the category hot or not. If one of the boys you swiped into the category hot thinks you are of the same standard your mobile gives you a way to jolly sound and pushes you the wonderful message “you have a new match on Tinder”. You have the ability to chat with your match, but this is usually the point you find out that you cannot judge a book by its cover and that you made a huge mistake by liking this boy. Thank god for the block option.

So, after a two week digital boy hunting adventure I realised it is just more fun to go out and meet them in real life. Because boys in actual boys do set the “bar” for anything 2 dimensional. And as addicted as I am to my mobile phone and online life the online dating is getting a big fat no for me. I am pretty sure I can meet a prince charming on a actual horse!


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