The burden of getting older

bdayMy on the verge of 28 just turned into a real big fat 28 today. I can already smell the big 3.0 around the corner and that scares the shit out of me.

It is not so much the getting older, because I still need to show my ID when buying a bottle of wine. Which either means the boy at the cash register wants to know my name or truly believes I am not  even 20 years old. I, of course, like to believe the latter. But it is more the meeting the number of expectations that apparently grow as you grow older.

If you would have asked me 10 years ago what my life would have looked like when I would turn 28 I probably would have described so much different then it is now. Oh and I would have probably told you that 28 is old, whereas of today I like to believe that I am still young and I have my entire life ahead of me. Ok, ok I am no longer a student and I have a lot more responsibilities than when I embarked on the beautiful journey of my twenties, but I still like to believe that I can go out until dawn and hook up with good looking boys without feeling anything of a nesting urge.

And this is the first expectation that I don’t meet for a 28 year old girl. Because the number of times people look weirdly at me when they ask me if I have a boyfriend and I say no. Apparently, people believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with you when you are single at this age. The discussion if their in fact is something fundamentally wrong with is of course an entire different story. But, I like to believe that I am loveable enough and that I am single by choice.

Another thing that you are supposed to have at this age is a proper living situation. My living situation is not average. In fact it is more a real-life Will & Grace, but living with my brother and gay room mate literally is the cherry on top of my birthday cake today. The boys make me smile, no…make me laugh until I pee my pants, make me dinner (provided that I do the groceries) and clean. What else would you be looking for the person/people you are living with. Even if I would be able to afford an apartment in Amsterdam I wouldn’t change my roommates for a cat anytime soon.

The not being able to afford an apartment in Amsterdam is because 1. houses are way overprices and 2. I did not opt for the booming corporate career which people expected of me when I went to study an international master at an international business school. Instead of making the big bugs I am doing something that I love which in the end contributes to my happiness.

bday with friendsCause yes I am 28, nowhere near where I expected to be, yet I am happy and enjoying my life to the fullest. My friends a great, my family supportive and my non-existing love life off line. It all looks very promising. Hurray! Forever 21!


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