Crossing country boarders often means crossing your own boarders as well. It only took me one night in Kigali to realize that I am not even 10% as flexible as the locals. We went out with my colleagues and some of their friends… and oh man can these people dance! So in order not to make a fool out of myself at the Halloween party this Friday I decided to work out a little more. An instead of my usual 5K run I crossed a personal boarder by joining my colleague for my first ever class of Pilates today.

And participating in the class wasn’t actually the biggest boarder crossing; it was the stretching my muscles until they ached that was the real eye-opener here. I am as inflexible as concrete and as stiff as a board.

I am guessing that even walking will hurt tomorrow and as Kigali is built on hills and my office on the 2nd floor I cannot wait. There is another class scheduled for Wednesday morning at 7am. But I will have to sleep on it if I will actually make this class or if I will stick with my techno moves to African Beats. White girls can’t dance and that will be scary enough for Halloween. I’ll keep you posted 😉


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