Turning fabric into dresses

I am in love with African fabrics, always have been. The colors and the prints are just insane!  Vlisco is one of my favorite African Fabric producing brands. Even though they are Dutch based they have been making African women look fabulous for over 167 years. So my trip to Rwanda was thus the excellent opportunity to get myself some fabrics and turn it into some tailor made dresses.

Last week I went fabric shopping at the local Rwandan market. Literally over 1000 yards of fabric to pick from. The one even brighter than the other after careful consideration I picket to two fabrics to begin with. I mean let’s be honest I don’t have a colored skin so I wasn’t really sure if I could pull it off. I decided to go with a turquoise as it would be a color I would wear back home as well and my friend convinced me to get an over the top pink with purple print.

As I wasn’t really look to go all African in design I picked out a few dresses from back home of which I thought they would look great in African fabric. The advantages of bringing your European dress to a local tailor – that of course doesn’t speak English or French – is that they can just copy your design.  So after only two days I went back to pick up my first dress, and…the result is just to cute to be true! Check it out below! They put in some great effort and event stitched me some extra pockets. So I am convinced! Monday I am going back with my pink fabric to get trousers and a top. After calculating (yes, I am still a Dutchy) I realized that I have a one-piece design at H&M Price. So off to the market again tomorrow! My wish list is now endless and I am planning to go back with a suitcase filled with colorful gear for me and my loved ones. All right enough for now! I am putting on my dress and planning to dance the night away, Kigali style! dress picking


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