Living in the dark.

This the season to be jolly

Amsterdam, the 2nd of the December 05h55 Amsterdam Airport. My plane lands after a 9 hour flight from sunny Kigali. It is still pitch dark! The purser on my flight happily tells us that the local temperature is 3 degrees. If that doesn’t wake you up after 6 weeks of tropical weather I don’t know what will. So with my first reality check in the pocket I entered the airport; Home sweet home! Schiphol fully decorated in holiday season style eased my pain a little bit. After a jolly picture and some tax free shopping with my Kigali room mate and travelling buddy George Pericles I went to pick up my suitcases and passed through Customs.

A warm welcome from my brother, room mate and my mother as the big surprise act made me forgot about the horrible winter ahead of me. The Hello/Goodbye moments at the airport always make me think of the priceless commercial made by T-Mobile a few years ago.

I tell you this was almost as good as the movie. So the change from tropical, warm and smiling kigali to cold, grey and grumpy Amsterdam will obviously take some adaption time. But with great events ahead such as Sint Nicholas dinners with my girlfriends, concerts with my homeboys, dance festivals with my brother and Christmas with the family I am pretty sure I will survive until 2014. But then there is the three remaining months that I will be living in the dark. January until April are painfully long, the nights longer than the days, the degrees lower than zero and the winter depression guaranteed. Luckily there is no place like home and no better place to come up with new adventures for the year ahead! Let the holidays begin!


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