List of The lists

With the holidays approaching rapidly and 2014 in sight we are being overloaded by lists to conclude this years successes and failures. Fact is you only need a few of those lists to be prepared for the new year. So here is my selection to survive: 

1.BBC Sound of 2014. 15 promising artists long listed by the BBC. Expected to be next year musicale heroes.  Most of the artists are already on Spotify so start listening and make sure you can sing along by the time that the artists hit the top of the charts. As the BBC boys have been right 6 out of 10 times over the past 10 years you better keep any eye open for Sam Smith; predicted to be elected the winner in January.

2. Forbes 30 under 30. The lists that selects the thirtieth most important innovators and influencers under 30. Which will give me less than 2 years on January 1st to make this list. My favourite person on this short list so far; Brandon Stanton.  The street photographer behind Humans of New York. You can still vote for your favorite. The final 30 will be announced in January 2014. All of them are a great inspirtation for me; I might be able to make it!


3. Lonely Planet’s best value travel destinations for 2014. To broaden your horizon this list is important. It will give you bright new ideas for holiday destinations that are not only affordable but that will give you the ultimate holiday feeling. My wish list for next year includes a trip to San Francisco, a family trip to Marbella and potentially a next trip to the beautiful continent of Africa.

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-18 om 17.05.13

4. Vogue’s spring|summer ready-to-wear overview per designer. Get inspired for sunnier seasons! As soon as you don’t have to be covered in hoodies, scarfs, gloves and big winter coats you need to be ready for shirts, shorts and flip flops. Because while you picked your Lonely Planet holiday destination  I am sure you cannot wait to update your summer wardrobe. My trend for 2014; blue.

5. Top 20 Tech Products of 2013.  Probably outdated by the time January ends, but good to know for now that if you have at least one of the gadgets on this list you can consider yourself to be either a high tech nerd or hipster. Either way I can’t wait to see what next year will bring us for cool new gadgets and apps.

So now you have your music, your idols, your holiday destination, your fashion style and your gadgets. The only thing missing are you New Years’ Resolutions and  I’d say you are ready to prepare for 2014.


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