Night is young, so are we…

Not a word, from your lips. You just took for granted that I want to skinny dip.
We don’t have to take our clothes off to have a good time.
We could dance & party all night and drink some cherry wine.


A Sunday afternoon at The Stedelijk

A wise man told me to go see the Malevich exhibition at The Stedelijk Museum as it is a must-see. And as I hadn’t done anything “sophisticated” for months it was time to rummage my cultural  grounded friends, yes all two of them, and spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at the museum.

Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones who had this marvelous idea. It took us half an hour, outside, in the cold, before we finally entered the museum. Barbarians as we are none of us visited the museum after it re-openend 2012. So we decided to go see all other collections before we went to see the collection of Malevich. To make things a little bit more fun we played a traditional game of “If I had money I would buy this piece of art for my collection.” My favourite the Bal Tabarin painting  by Jan Sluijters.

After a well deserved coffee break – yes visiting museums is a trying activity – we went to see the temporary collection;  Kazimir Malevich and other artists of the Russian avant-garde. Just fyi: Malevich born in 1879 in Kiev (currently part of the Ukraine but back then part of Czarist Russia) known as the founding father of “suprematist” art; an art that bore no connection with society, and abstract art. But before getting there active in a succession of styles.

The exhibition provides the complete picture of the artists and is definitely worth seeing! You have until the 2nd of February to do so. But as according to Anne-Marleen “images speak louder than words” a little sneak peak based on our experience.


The Diet Dilemma

EPSON MFP imageNew Years Resolutions! Yes ik know, it is half way January. But I am not a big fan of them and yet I have been on my favourite diet since the second of January. It is called the 17 days diet and tomorrow I will finish the first phase of 17 days. There is 3 more to come. Basically the diet consists of not eating carbs, not drinking alcohol and not playing couch potato.

In other words:

  • No bread, no pasta, no rice and/or potatoes in any form. 
  • No wine, no beer, no gin tonic and thus no social life in any form. 
  • Cycling, walking and running every time I leave the house and trying to leave the house as much as possible. 

 Goal: -5 kilos (secretly -7 kilos)

 Deadline:  Friday the 28th of February 19h00. Or as we Southern Dutchies call it  the beginning of Carnaval.

Easy, right?!

Ok so now my dilemma. I am meeting this boy tonight for drinks. Am i going to cheat on my diet for him? Or am I going to social and drink my (if I must say so myself) more than deserved glass of wine.

Cheating on my diet for a boy (not even this one in particular) feels kind of stupid. Because, let’s be honest, part of the on-going loosing weight battle is to be more attractive for the opposite-sex. More importantly I have been listening to the angel on my shoulder for weeks, not cutting myself any slack in my diet. And proud of it!

However, the little devil on my shoulder is screaming that one night of drinking won’t make me fail my diet and I would probably stand more change with the boy if I am tipsy.

So any thoughts on what I should do? Be my angel, be my devil…

PS. Any thoughts on what I should wear are also very welcome

Jacques Brel meets 2014

StromaePaul Van Haver or as we better know him STROMAE! If you haven’t heard of this boy from Belgium you lived in a pineapple under the sea. He scored hit after hit last year and he has been one of my favorite artists since his first EP Cheese in 2009. His in 2013 released album Racine Carrée (Squareroot) was his official breakthrough in Europe and far beyond. He is compared to Belgium singer Jacques Brel, because of his sad lyrics, and David Guetta for his danceable beats.

The New York Times said “Paul Van Haver is a musician for his time, with the charts, headlines and YouTube clicks to prove it — a gravel-voiced, mixed-race performer whose melancholic French-language dance pop has channeled, to popular acclaim, the gray that currently hangs over Europe.”

His new single ‘Tous les mêmes’ (all the same) sounds very optimistic but actually elaborates on the complicated relationship between men and women. If you don’t speak French I highly recommend you to translate the lyrics cause then the below video will make much more sense. Oh also check out the maestro (yes, stromae / maestro) giving you a lesson in love in the second video  Listen, watch and love it just like I do!