Jacques Brel meets 2014

StromaePaul Van Haver or as we better know him STROMAE! If you haven’t heard of this boy from Belgium you lived in a pineapple under the sea. He scored hit after hit last year and he has been one of my favorite artists since his first EP Cheese in 2009. His in 2013 released album Racine Carrée (Squareroot) was his official breakthrough in Europe and far beyond. He is compared to Belgium singer Jacques Brel, because of his sad lyrics, and David Guetta for his danceable beats.

The New York Times said “Paul Van Haver is a musician for his time, with the charts, headlines and YouTube clicks to prove it — a gravel-voiced, mixed-race performer whose melancholic French-language dance pop has channeled, to popular acclaim, the gray that currently hangs over Europe.”

His new single ‘Tous les mêmes’ (all the same) sounds very optimistic but actually elaborates on the complicated relationship between men and women. If you don’t speak French I highly recommend you to translate the lyrics cause then the below video will make much more sense. Oh also check out the maestro (yes, stromae / maestro) giving you a lesson in love in the second video  Listen, watch and love it just like I do!


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