The Diet Dilemma

EPSON MFP imageNew Years Resolutions! Yes ik know, it is half way January. But I am not a big fan of them and yet I have been on my favourite diet since the second of January. It is called the 17 days diet and tomorrow I will finish the first phase of 17 days. There is 3 more to come. Basically the diet consists of not eating carbs, not drinking alcohol and not playing couch potato.

In other words:

  • No bread, no pasta, no rice and/or potatoes in any form. 
  • No wine, no beer, no gin tonic and thus no social life in any form. 
  • Cycling, walking and running every time I leave the house and trying to leave the house as much as possible. 

 Goal: -5 kilos (secretly -7 kilos)

 Deadline:  Friday the 28th of February 19h00. Or as we Southern Dutchies call it  the beginning of Carnaval.

Easy, right?!

Ok so now my dilemma. I am meeting this boy tonight for drinks. Am i going to cheat on my diet for him? Or am I going to social and drink my (if I must say so myself) more than deserved glass of wine.

Cheating on my diet for a boy (not even this one in particular) feels kind of stupid. Because, let’s be honest, part of the on-going loosing weight battle is to be more attractive for the opposite-sex. More importantly I have been listening to the angel on my shoulder for weeks, not cutting myself any slack in my diet. And proud of it!

However, the little devil on my shoulder is screaming that one night of drinking won’t make me fail my diet and I would probably stand more change with the boy if I am tipsy.

So any thoughts on what I should do? Be my angel, be my devil…

PS. Any thoughts on what I should wear are also very welcome


6 thoughts on “The Diet Dilemma

  1. Niki, first of all you don’t need a diet. But if you are going to be as stubborn as always, at least allow yourself a cheat day once a week. Also, good luck tonight. It doesn’t matter what you start the night in as long as you end in your birthday suit.

  2. Just meet the dieet en devil in the middel…take a glass of red wine (its’s “healthy”) and you can continue with Vodka… minimum in calories 😉

  3. 1. You don’t need a diet
    2. Guys prefer a healthy looking girl who enjoys life, by drinking a glass of wine, instead of one saying she can’t drink because she is on a diet.
    3. If you want to keep to your diet, you have to cheat every once in a while. I once read that if you keep to a diet, your body is going to adapt to that diet and your new eating pattern. But if you cheat every once in a while, your digestion will stay the way it’s used to, but then with less food, and you will see faster results.
    4. I want to hear details in a pm!

  4. As i said before, you don’t need a diet, i think all of us agree. \

    But you can cheat once a week, better for me as well… Then I won’t have to feel so guilty next week ;). when I force you in this cheating situation again!

    Enjoy your evening, and Vodka is really only 85 calories per glass and its 82 for an egg and 25 for a carrot ;).

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