A Sunday afternoon at The Stedelijk

A wise man told me to go see the Malevich exhibition at The Stedelijk Museum as it is a must-see. And as I hadn’t done anything “sophisticated” for months it was time to rummage my cultural  grounded friends, yes all two of them, and spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at the museum.

Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones who had this marvelous idea. It took us half an hour, outside, in the cold, before we finally entered the museum. Barbarians as we are none of us visited the museum after it re-openend 2012. So we decided to go see all other collections before we went to see the collection of Malevich. To make things a little bit more fun we played a traditional game of “If I had money I would buy this piece of art for my collection.” My favourite the Bal Tabarin painting  by Jan Sluijters.

After a well deserved coffee break – yes visiting museums is a trying activity – we went to see the temporary collection;  Kazimir Malevich and other artists of the Russian avant-garde. Just fyi: Malevich born in 1879 in Kiev (currently part of the Ukraine but back then part of Czarist Russia) known as the founding father of “suprematist” art; an art that bore no connection with society, and abstract art. But before getting there active in a succession of styles.

The exhibition provides the complete picture of the artists and is definitely worth seeing! You have until the 2nd of February to do so. But as according to Anne-Marleen “images speak louder than words” a little sneak peak based on our experience.



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