Weekend Love



Not using my phone for something much more vital

It is no secret that I am addicted to my mobile phone. And although I have been trying to work on my addiction nothing has worked so far. But I think…I think I found the perfect rehab; the Unicef Tap Project. UNICEF-TAP-PROJECT-phone-2014

A special app developed by Unicef that runs in the background and measures when my phone goes idle. So you can still send me message – I just cannot respond to them. Because if my phone stays idle for 10 mintues donors like Giorgio Armani will give money to UNICEF. Not using my phone for even such a short amount of time equals one day of clean drink water for a child that normally doesn’t have access to this luxury.

Because where as I am thinking that I cannot live without my phone, over 768 million people are living without access to clean water. And I am well aware that this is a much more important resource than my iPhone. Water scarcity already affects nearly 40% of the world’s population and is predicted to become an even larger problem in the upcoming years.

So if I can only contribute a little by not using my phone I am more than happy to do so. And I really think so should you! Go to uniceftapproject.org on your phone and join! The Tap Project App is working until the 31st of March. So let’s call each other on  the first of April…no joke!


Do my hair Do


Just like any other girl I can be insecure about my looks. I often feel that I am too fat, that my eyes are too unequal and/or that my belly is too bubbly. There is just one thing that I am happy about – you might even call it proud about it – is my hair. I have been blessed with long, thick and – if I am going to brag about it I might just do it good – beautiful hair.

So first of all, a big shout out to my parents for making this genetically possible. But there is another reason why my hair on an average day looks better than a L’Oreal commercial: my hairdresser. I have been going to the same salon since I was a baby. Yes I was born with a hair-do. And my hairdresser has been treating me like a princess ever since! So loyal as I am I travel from wherever  back to my hometown to get my hair done. As soon as schedule my appointment I get excited.

About 3 weeks ago I made yesterday’s appointment. Ever since last Monday I have been annoyed with “bad hair” days and a colour that looked like an ombre gone wrong. So yesterday was my “high light” of the week– get it…high light. My hair got coloured back to “natural blonde”, it got washed with care and cut with love.

A new hair cut makes me feel like a new girl. All other confidence issues seem to be non-existent. I feel skinny, my eyes are poppy and my belly is just a joyful cookie pouch.  So hurray for happy hair! Hurray for a happy weekend!


Spring is here!


Or so it seems! Although we officially have to wait until the 21st of March I declare the spring season opened. No more excuses to stay inside, watch TV and not write any blog posts. It is time to get up and go out and about.

It is unbelievable how much I have missed sunshine. Spring days make me long instantly for my life back in the days in Barcelona. Life is so much brighter when sun is shining. People are smiling, terraces are full and beer is flowing like wild rivers.

Not that I have been in full couch potato mode over the past few weeks, but it is true that I haven’t been very active. My work-outs were limited to once every 2 weeks, my social life on low level and my dating activities non-existent.

High lights must have been carnival and HAIM in concert. First of Carnival. The excitement for this event can only be recognised if you were born and raised below the rivers, read the Southern part of the Netherlands. Weeks of preparation in finding the right costume, practicing new songs and repeating the old ones make this event one of my favourite holidays of the year. Carnival origins from a Catholic tradition called the Lent period. Traditionally during Lent (40 days before Easter) no parties or other celebrations were held, and people refrained from eating rich foods, such as meat, dairy, fats and sugar. So in the days before Lent people organized giant parties during which they consumed their luxurious before starting the fasting period. I don’t know anybody who actively participates in the Lent nowadays, but I do know we still celebrate the beginning of this period like crazy. Every year I travel back to my hometown and meet up with my friends for five days of crazy.

HAIMWell four this year to be honest. I traveled back to Amsterdam for the HAIM concert at my favorite place in town; Paradiso. The lovely sisters from California performed a great gig and were much cooler in real-life then on their album. Full-on Rock Chicks that make me believe I have a very boring live. Highly recommendable for those of you who love the combination of good music and pretty ladies.

But with spring in sight it is time to make new plans, discover new places and meet new people. I just realized that basically my New Years starts with the beginning of spring and not on the first of January. Happy and ready to conquer the world!