Do my hair Do


Just like any other girl I can be insecure about my looks. I often feel that I am too fat, that my eyes are too unequal and/or that my belly is too bubbly. There is just one thing that I am happy about – you might even call it proud about it – is my hair. I have been blessed with long, thick and – if I am going to brag about it I might just do it good – beautiful hair.

So first of all, a big shout out to my parents for making this genetically possible. But there is another reason why my hair on an average day looks better than a L’Oreal commercial: my hairdresser. I have been going to the same salon since I was a baby. Yes I was born with a hair-do. And my hairdresser has been treating me like a princess ever since! So loyal as I am I travel from wherever  back to my hometown to get my hair done. As soon as schedule my appointment I get excited.

About 3 weeks ago I made yesterday’s appointment. Ever since last Monday I have been annoyed with “bad hair” days and a colour that looked like an ombre gone wrong. So yesterday was my “high light” of the week– get it…high light. My hair got coloured back to “natural blonde”, it got washed with care and cut with love.

A new hair cut makes me feel like a new girl. All other confidence issues seem to be non-existent. I feel skinny, my eyes are poppy and my belly is just a joyful cookie pouch.  So hurray for happy hair! Hurray for a happy weekend!



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