A Sunday afternoon at The Stedelijk

A wise man told me to go see the Malevich exhibition at The Stedelijk Museum as it is a must-see. And as I hadn't done anything "sophisticated" for months it was time to rummage my cultural  grounded friends, yes all two of them, and spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at the museum. Unfortunately we weren't the only ones … Continue reading A Sunday afternoon at The Stedelijk

List of The lists

With the holidays approaching rapidly and 2014 in sight we are being overloaded by lists to conclude this years successes and failures. Fact is you only need a few of those lists to be prepared for the new year. So here is my selection to survive:  1.BBC Sound of 2014. 15 promising artists long listed … Continue reading List of The lists

Turning fabric into dresses

I am in love with African fabrics, always have been. The colors and the prints are just insane!  Vlisco is one of my favorite African Fabric producing brands. Even though they are Dutch based they have been making African women look fabulous for over 167 years. So my trip to Rwanda was thus the excellent … Continue reading Turning fabric into dresses

Hedof – good times, bad times

Hedof, if you have never heard the name then I suggest to remember it for the future. Because I am sure you will run into one of his great pieces of graphic art sooner than later. If you haven’t already done so without knowing it. Rick Berkelmans, the artist behind Hedof, and not so coincidentally … Continue reading Hedof – good times, bad times