Spring is here!

Or so it seems! Although we officially have to wait until the 21st of March I declare the spring season opened. No more excuses to stay inside, watch TV and not write any blog posts. It is time to get up and go out and about. It is unbelievable how much I have missed sunshine. … Continue reading Spring is here!


List of The lists

With the holidays approaching rapidly and 2014 in sight we are being overloaded by lists to conclude this years successes and failures. Fact is you only need a few of those lists to be prepared for the new year. So here is my selection to survive:  1.BBC Sound of 2014. 15 promising artists long listed … Continue reading List of The lists

online adventures

It has been a while since I blogged something for all kinds of reason, but mainly because I was busy with other things that got my attention. In general I get distractedly easily and even more so when it involves boys. On the verge of turning 28 and still being single one of my friends … Continue reading online adventures

My love for my iPhone

If you know me, even a just a little bit, you know that I am officially addicted to my mobile phone. My beloved Iphone and I hardly ever part; its practically attached to my left hand or within grabbing distance...yes, even when I take a shower! But today two virals caught my eye. Firstly, it … Continue reading My love for my iPhone