Fi fa fashion

Last week I attended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. I saw several amazing shows. However, the people attending the events were even more impressive. The one even more fashionable than the other. So you can imagine my surprised look when I got voted “Look of the day” this morning at Amayzine. A Dutch fashion & lifestyle website. I think that, especially compared to the others, my basic tom-boy look isn’t really that impressive. But I find it soooo cool to be spotted anyway. Check out the full article on their website. Oh by the way, fashion guru and best friend Anne-Marleen was spotted the day before.

Who says you need to be 1,85 to become a top model 😉 Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 14.44.22Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 14.48.57




Turning fabric into dresses

I am in love with African fabrics, always have been. The colors and the prints are just insane!  Vlisco is one of my favorite African Fabric producing brands. Even though they are Dutch based they have been making African women look fabulous for over 167 years. So my trip to Rwanda was thus the excellent opportunity to get myself some fabrics and turn it into some tailor made dresses.

Last week I went fabric shopping at the local Rwandan market. Literally over 1000 yards of fabric to pick from. The one even brighter than the other after careful consideration I picket to two fabrics to begin with. I mean let’s be honest I don’t have a colored skin so I wasn’t really sure if I could pull it off. I decided to go with a turquoise as it would be a color I would wear back home as well and my friend convinced me to get an over the top pink with purple print.

As I wasn’t really look to go all African in design I picked out a few dresses from back home of which I thought they would look great in African fabric. The advantages of bringing your European dress to a local tailor – that of course doesn’t speak English or French – is that they can just copy your design.  So after only two days I went back to pick up my first dress, and…the result is just to cute to be true! Check it out below! They put in some great effort and event stitched me some extra pockets. So I am convinced! Monday I am going back with my pink fabric to get trousers and a top. After calculating (yes, I am still a Dutchy) I realized that I have a one-piece design at H&M Price. So off to the market again tomorrow! My wish list is now endless and I am planning to go back with a suitcase filled with colorful gear for me and my loved ones. All right enough for now! I am putting on my dress and planning to dance the night away, Kigali style! dress picking

Karl Who?

Karl Lagerfeld A Happy Birthday for MR. Haute Couture himself; Karl Lagerfeld is celebrating his birthday today. According to the UK Telegraph  nobody knows how old he is actually is turning. Nonetheless a good reason to party Karl Lagerfeld style…with a Coke Light and a hot young boy ;)…hip hip hurray!

Everything hip is from Amsterdam

Pim de Koel, ambassador of the “Holland. The Original Cool” released a new promo video this week. He highlights the beauty of hip & happening Amsterdam. De Koel’s adventures are brought to you by the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Convention, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Schiphol Airport, and Amsterdam Marketing.

“Holland. The Original Cool” is a great marketing gateway explaining you all the reasons why you should book a ticket to Amsterdam this year. And although there is not much left of 2013 there are plenty of events that will make your stay even more worthwhile.

I really like the approach of the campaign because it focusses on food, nightlife, architecture and bikes. All the things that make me love amsterdam. And they are really not overselling it because it is the truth; everything hip is from Amsterdam. its all dutch

I wish I was a baller

(This blog is not taking into account the fact that I am actually a girl and the below mentioned points would have never applied to me…well the first argument maybe)


When I was little I wanted to play soccer. My mom told that it was a sport for boys and that I should stick with hockey. I really…really!!…regret not sticking with my gut feeling at the time. There is several reasons for this. Besides the fact that I am actually a good player…

First of all, the endless number of hot colleagues you would be able to hang out with. I name a Fernando Torres, Gerard Pique, Xabi Alonso, Yoann Gourcuff and of course David Beckham.

Second, the cool endorsement deals you can get with fashion brands like Nike (amongst others Messi), Mango (Pique) and H&M (David Beckham).

And third, the enormous amounts of money you can make. And with this argument I am of course referring to transfer of Gareth Bale confirmed today. A ridiculous compensation of 100million !!!! euros for transferring from the Spurs to Real Madrid. To give you an impression of the meaning of this sum of money check out this website: to see how much money this lad has been making since signing his transfer.

I am leaving the “how can Madrid afford this” discussions up to the soccer experts (read: boys) and I’ll just keep on dreaming what I would do with this amount of money. I am pretty sure mr. Bale will find a good purpose for his new-found wealth. Cause then again there is always life after football 😉

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

With summer coming to an end it is time to start planning fall adventures. One of the biggest – not to miss- events in Amsterdam will definitely be Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). ADE is considered to be the leading electronic music platform in the world. 

During five days – 16 to 20 October – over 350 events are hosted in 75 clubs and venues in Amsterdam. World leading DJs, upcoming DJ talents and 200.000 electronic music lovers are coming to Amsterdam for the Festival, Playground, the ADE Conference, special sub events and the announcement of the DJ Mag 100. Buying your ADE card will give you access to exclusive exhibitions, showcases, film screenings, gear workshops and in-store events. So plenty of stuff to do! Difficult thing is which parties to attend and what DJ’s to see. The program seems endless and the number of DJ’s even more so. 

So far one thing is sure; I am going to see Nicky Romero and Friends during a special evening hosted by Protocol Recordings Label Night. Besides Nicky, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, John Dahlback, Don Diablo, Martin Carrix and Vicetone are playing a set. Furthermore, special guests are promised to make an appearance. And as basically all DJ’s are in town so it could be anyone showing up. 

Nicky has been on my wish-list for quite some time now, but he always plays these huge festivals and parties but now he is playing in the somewhat intimate Melkweg. An opportunity I won’t like to miss out on. Yes, I am even skipping my favourite De Sluwe Vos to go see this one. All in all it promises to be a great 5 days and I am pretty sure it won’t stay at just this one party…

If you are interested in tagging a long feel free, but make sure to get your tickets soon because  I am sure you are not the only one who wants to 😉 

Appelsap Fresh Music Festival

AppelsapNicky Romero tweeted yesterday: August is the Sunday of summer! And he is right! 9 music festivals in Amsterdam this weekend to proof this. I attended 1 of 9 yesterday: Appelsap. For the non-Dutch, this would translate in to Appel Juice. Kind of a strange name for a festival, especially because no apple is juice served, if you know what I mean…

Appelsap Fresh Music Festival, as is it officially called, is a more urban festival that focusses on contemporary Hiphop, Soul, Riddim and Bass music. So no techno but more the “shake what you mama gave you” moves. Since starting out as a free blockjam back in 2000 the festival grew into a renowned festival amongst Hiphop lovers in The Netherlands. This year promoted by Katja Schuurman. The festival, hosted in the Oosterpark,  was spread over 3 stages, a skate park, food-court and a small DJ stage. Besides music, beers and burgers the organisation teamed up with one of my favourite street fashion brands, Freshcotton, and designed a great festival collection.

We highlighted the line-up with a few must sees and basically started our day with a great performance of MC Fit, followed by an absolute great gig of Great Minds – my favourite of the day. Danced to the beats of UK DJ Benji-B. Went for a quick slice of pizza and hurried to be in front of the stage for the legendary Opposites. I went to their concert in Paradiso earlier this year and knew that we would be in for a treat. The guys really know how to get the party started and make the crowd – yes…boys and girls – go wild! All the dancing called for a little rest and more food, so back to the court it was. We had some more pizza slices before we went to see our evening program; Hydroboyz, Adje, FS Green, Waka Flocka Flame and closing act Flexican & Sef.

Of course, it was still early when the festival ended so we went for a night out down town. The festival itself was a great day of summer fun. Great hipster people, pretty boys, foxy ladies and fun company in the form of my posse.

Appelsap supposedly is my last festival of this season, but as summer seems to be persisting I might visit another party soon…So suggestions are welcome. Check out some of my pictures below. mc fit greatminds opposites girls2 girls1 making appelsap