Carry on

Carry not as in "keep calm and carry on" but as in carry-on luggage. Tomorrow I am going to Portugal for a, if I must say so, well-deserved get-away with four of my best girl friends. But we decided to travel with only carry-on luggage. This means one little suitcase for a 5-day holiday. … Continue reading Carry on


The Diet Dilemma

New Years Resolutions! Yes ik know, it is half way January. But I am not a big fan of them and yet I have been on my favourite diet since the second of January. It is called the 17 days diet and tomorrow I will finish the first phase of 17 days. There is 3 … Continue reading The Diet Dilemma

Chocolate Day

Today, September 13th, is International Chocolate Day. And although I consider every day to be a chocolate day I thought I would share my favourite recipe with you guys. The recipe includes tons of chocolate and some fruits to give a healthy twist. The cake is easy to make and will give you something to … Continue reading Chocolate Day

Dinner at Belhamel

When mama is town things get fancy; that’s why we went for dinner at Belhamel yesterday. One of the restaurants on my “where to go for dinner” wish list. This cute Parisian style restaurant is located in the Amsterdam neighbourhood Jordaan. It’s a very cosy somewhat romantic restaurant at an even more romantic location overlooking … Continue reading Dinner at Belhamel

Dinner at Pink Flamingo’s

It has been a few days that I was online to blog something. But summer is full-on (we are currently experiencing the first heat wave since 2006) and let’s be honest the few sunny days we have must be enjoyed to the fullest. So, the past few days I spent relaxing at the beach in … Continue reading Dinner at Pink Flamingo’s