I visited Rwanda twice. And if you are looking for your next destination this country should be it! Land of a 1000 hills and a million smiles. Check out this amazing video to get a peek of what this beautiful country has to offer. But more important book your ticket and go find out yourself. … Continue reading Rwandaful


Living in the dark.

Amsterdam, the 2nd of the December 05h55 Amsterdam Airport. My plane lands after a 9 hour flight from sunny Kigali. It is still pitch dark! The purser on my flight happily tells us that the local temperature is 3 degrees. If that doesn’t wake you up after 6 weeks of tropical weather I don’t know what … Continue reading Living in the dark.

Turning fabric into dresses

I am in love with African fabrics, always have been. The colors and the prints are just insane!  Vlisco is one of my favorite African Fabric producing brands. Even though they are Dutch based they have been making African women look fabulous for over 167 years. So my trip to Rwanda was thus the excellent … Continue reading Turning fabric into dresses

Travel light

I am writing this blog while sitting on the edge of my seat. I am excited yet nervous at the same time. So my feelings are mixed, and that’s a first when it comes to traveling the globe. Tomorrow I am leaving for a 5-week business trip to Kigali, Rwanda. And although this seems like … Continue reading Travel light